When I say go, you run like Hell!

by Ariel Walls

“When I say go, you run like Hell! Always keep the wind behind you and your feet above the ground.”

My sister dramatically cautionary whispers to me. Her skin, always remained thicke {thick}. She had no fears. No fears when mom and dad sent us to collect wood and we came in contact with a staring wolf, never no fear. But today I notice a glamolse {glimpse?} of fear in those amazingly gorgeous brown eyes of hers. The fear of losing all our years and memories of life together. She loved me and I loved her more than the nature around us.

I could now feel the sea of loneliness escaping from my eyes.

“No crying,” she said, as we were bent down beside a tree. “You save those tears for later. For happiness and joy because we will see each other again.” She smiled with such worry and hurt, the only lie I ever heard her release from her peachy-pink lips.

“Now RUN,” she quietly yelled, “Run Zobabwee.”

I ran, keeping the wind behind me and my feet above the ground. Further through the woods I ran.

I could hear, smell and taste death. It was a scary bitter thing. 

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