I am a soldier in the midst of war

by Magaly Gallegos

I am a soldier in the midst of war against the Natives. I have my supplies with me plus my gun and sharp knife. All my training for the war has helped me survive this long. I kill a dozen or so of the enemy. As I walk slowly backwards descending towards all the trees and bushes. I cower behind all the bushy nature and check my surrounding{s}. Everyone seems too distracted to notice me as I lower my weapon. I take off my jacket to be less obvious and be quicker and lighter with my stance. Next thing you know I hear a foreign chant from behind me and then I’m on the ground looking at the grass. 

I quickly roll over, grab my knife and throw it between the enemy’s eyes. He hits the ground hard but did not yell loud{ly} enough to alert the others. I avoided any trails and walked where there was thick trees and tall green grass. I ran as fast as I could. I see the end of the forest till I spotted a wild dog. He growls menacingly at me. Luckily the next to me was climbable and the dog was far enough to give to time climb. So I jumped on the first branch I could reach and right when I made that sudden movement he launched himself towards my direction. He was now at the bottom reaching to bite me with his ferocious sharp teeth that have gnawed things to death before me. I step on the next branch but {it} was too weak to withstand my weight. I was too terrified to care. It snapped from beneath my foot but I was still holding on to another branch. The one that broke managed to land on the wild beast injuring his two front legs. He whimpered in pain. The only thing he could do was to lay {lie} on his back. I stepped down from the tree. The wolf dog was too hurt to care for me anymore. But before I left, we made eye contact and let nature do its course. I walk some more till I reached a cave for any source of useful items. Managed to find another thin blade. Probably left behind by the natives. I walk for days killing squirrels for food and finding berries.

I love my father now more than ever for taking me camping as a boy. I reached sanctuary when I stumbled upon a barn. I was beyond exhausted and collapsed to my knees to behold the first real shelter in days. I cried silently. The little girl was the first to spot me. 

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