Escape from Fort Dearborn

by Will Ripes

My name is John Smith and I decided to settle out at Fort Dearborn because it seemed like a place with a lot of potential and land. I came to Fort Dearborn to make a living.

After surviving the crazy attack I met these Indians in the forest that I couldn’t communicate with. They weren’t aggressive though, overall nice and actually let me to {??} and gave me some of their food.

After leaving the nice, friendly Indians who offered me their food I continued in the forest and I saw these other Indians. At first it seemed like they were waving me to come over but then they started throwing spears at me so I ran.

Next, after the encounter with the Indians I just kept walking along the river, the hot summer heat just getting worse and worse it felt like. At one point I had to atop and sit down for a second because I was so hot.

While taking a break and sitting down for a second I started to get kind of hungry. Then I started thinking of all my normal home cooked meals and it was killing me. I was starving.

After eating some grass from {for?} my starvation the terrain started to become very flat and it gave me this headache and looked as if it was some sort of illusion.

Finally I felt as f I was going to collapse from the terrain and the heat. {But then} I heard an amazing sound. It was the lake in the distance. When I finally reached the lake it was more than amazing to me. I jumped in and it cooled me off right away. It just felt amazing to be in this huge area surrounded by water.

After my amazing afternoon at the lake…

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