As a little boy

by Jose Soto

As a little boy, all I ever wanted to do was make my parents proud of me, to prove to them and myself that I was worth something. When I decided not to attend college, I let them down, but more importantly I failed myself. Now, here I am working in the “All Natural Cheese Factory” day by day and believe me when I say, it is a complete nightmare.

My first impression of the place was that it didn’t seem any different than any other factory, it wasn’t until I opened the front door that the stench hit me in the face. It smelled as if something had died I here, but then it also smelled like a lot of rotten cheese with some other strong smelling cheese. Suddenly, I saw the corners all filled with spider webs and I nearly tripped at a hole that laid {lay} in front of me.

I hadn’t realized that there were holes and ditches all over the floor. As I looked around, I noticed all the rats hiding under the machinery staring me down. As I could only compare this place to a living hell because it us truly painful to say, “I work here, five days a week.”

Here comes my boss, Mr. Smith, the most miserable scumbag you’ll ever meet. Instantly he yelled at me to get to work and package the cheese. I had to wear a hairnet, a facemask so I don't; cough on the cheese and I wasn’t allowed to sneeze or harm the cheese in any way.

I had my own little station to work in, but I wondered if all the {my} other coworkers were feeling like me. If they felt like this is an unreasonable job that is even dangerous, with all these rats hanging around everywhere. This cheese doesn’t even look good, it smells like shit and has bits of mold on it.

When lunch time arrived, my questions were answered. These people were - 40? 50? - years old with nothing to live for. They all looked so weak, broken and miserable as if they ad no will to live. There was no point in even talking to them, they would just bring me down. I don’t believe I am worth a twenty-five dollars an hour career job as a lawyer, but I’m worth more than minimum wage at some unsanitary cheese factory.

I quit.

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