Loudly, my phone alarm

by Jaliene Pineda

Loudly, my phone alarm rings at 5:00am. Too tired to get up. I just lay there. Accidentally I fall right back to sleep. Mother came home at 5:30am from her job as a cop. Before I could even open my eyes, she was obnoxiously yelling at me. I knew I deserved it though, so I didn't argue back.

Working at a factory that manufactures shoes was such a hassle. The thought of it made me want to gag, but even worse, the sight of it made me feel dizzy. Cracked walls, chipped paint, smells like smoke and cracked floors is how I would describe it. To top that all off, the machines is what {are} what scared me the most. As I looked to my left, a machine bigger than me went out of control and accidentally caused Lily to fall and hit her head.

Even though I don’t speak to people who work with me, I still felt bad. Everyone was so boring! Maybe it’s due to the fact that I was the youngest one there. No one would stand up for themselves when Jen, our old, grumpy, smelly and dirty boss, would yell.

Jen yells at us at least 20-39 times a day and it is highly irritating! Bad thing is that I can’t quit. My parents are forcing me. They say I need to prepare myself and experience new things. After this job, I will most certainly look for one that can treat me fairly and allows food in the building. The food we receive EVERYDAY are {is} chicken patties and milk. Sometimes even spoiled milk! It is disgusting overall, but what can I do? Go on strike? No thank you! Jen would fire us all and loads of people would be jobless.

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