Where I started working

by Kathleen Martinez

The job where I started working in is an insanely huge and depressing factory I have {ever?} been in. This factory makes watches, clocks and al types of devices that give time. They have a specialty of still making co-co (cuckoo) clocks. These are the most challenging objects to do {make}. So far they made us work nonstop until our brake {break}, which we only have 15 minutes, but sometimes they would cut it short to make us work more hours.

The way that the factory is divided is on how the workers are formed in lines f two and you have your partner which {who} helps you to keep up with the dangerously humungous machines. The way the machines work are that you use this lever which transports the useless watches into this cabinet and squishes the damaged clocks and we have to pick the extra pieces that can still be used while the machines are still on. The background of the factory make sounds that always go, “tick, tick tock.” They nagged up two enormous clocks to make the factory “less” boring.

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