When I woke up today

by Jacqueline De R

When I woke up today I just sighed. Everyone loves chocolate. It makes people happy. That’s why people give it to each other as gifts. I personally hate chocolate. Why? Not because it makes me break out, it tastes bitter, in fact, I too once loved it. But then I got to work at a chocolate factory. Not a oompa-loompa filled factory with a handsome, crazy manager. A hardcore, real-life, industry chocolate factory.

I wake up in the morning and normal routine Shower, eat, all that good stuff. I drive to work, punch in and go to the basement. I’m in charge if the mixing f the chocolate. There’s this huge pot, maybe about 29 feet high, and the machine pours sugar, cocoa, {and} all the ingredients in. Then the pot gets a bright orange-reddish color, completely. It’s melting all the chocolate ingredients together. Watching this 20-minute process through foggy goggles is just as boring as it sounds. When the chocolate is melted and it reaches 35…

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