Here we go again

by J. Garcia

Here we go again. Another miserable day at this factory. Seriously, I’m fed up with this, I really am. I’m trying to look for another job but they all shut me down. I’m stepping outside of my car and I think to myself, “Why? Why again? Another miserable day,” but I was thinking or should I say thought to myself, “Another day, another dollar.”

I walk in and I really don’t want {want to} be here. I {I’d} rather be at home all cozied up watching Christmas movies but every time I walk inside it’s like I automatically get depressed. I walk in, scan my card and there I go walking to my assigned machine. White, empty, ugly walls that makes everything so boring.

Staring at these dirty pans makes me even more depressed. Honestly, last place I wanna {want to} be at. As I wait for it to be 3:00am I watch Lucy walk in, a very timid young girl maybe in her 20’s, Lord knows what she’s doing here. I heard from Alex that she’s very talented. I hate the fact the floor is so sticky that every time I walk by it sort of makes noise.

It’s almost 3:00am and just by staring at the clock I’m extremely depressed.

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