The way life is

by Andres Balladares

The way life is, having a job isn’t so fun. Making toys was a job I was looking forward to actually doing especially to go in “Toys R Us” everyday to see new toys coming in. The thought of seeing all these new things had my mind go crazy for an opportunity at Toys R Us. Yet, today isn’t a normal day at all. All my excitement went to the drain when I got a call to go in at five in the morning to package toys. I drove in through the back parking lot and I arrived.

The ceilings were tearing apart, the floor was cracked, missing floor patterns were on the side of the walls. Did I really plan to work here? The machines were tearing into my ears with banging of all the toys entering the building. I didn’t expect so much pressure from my arrogant boss! The way he ?? to us, as if we had no life. Therefore, we had no lunch. I sneaked in a yogurt and found an exciting way to find a family to endure.

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