Dear Telly

by Richard Lucio Jr.

Dear Telly,

It is the evening of November of 2014 and it’s about to begin Christmas time, aka December. To any other ordinary person, this is the time that you go watch 25 days until Christmas on ABC Family or the time in which you go Christmas shopping before it gets too hectic. But to us, old man, to us it’s a time that means so much more than Christmas. This is the time when wrestling heads into full gear. And it means way more to me because it is my final year of wrestling. This will be my last shot at achieving greatness and will be the time where I have to cement my legacy. Maybe this year us really big to you too because you got to coach me in my last years. And man, has this final year of wrestling been stressful.

You know what happened at the end of November. You can see it in my eyes and maybe heard it in my voice. You know it was my first heartbreak so I took it kind of hard. But maybe you didn’t expect me to take it so well. To be so strong about it. But, I mean, you know why I was so strong about it? It was because of you. You were in that same position your senior year, and it seemed like I followed in your footsteps. But the thing I saw you do was you took it like a man. I saw that heartbreak killed you, but I also saw you work like a dog and put all your focus into wrestling because that’s what mattered. So when I went through this heartbreak, so near to wrestling season, I know I couldn’t let this stop me from what I needed to do. And you also made sure I did what I had to do. You were on my ass during practice and before every wrestling match you asked if I was good. You told me, “Stay focused and just wrestle.”

I did just that and winded up winning. Even through bronchitis, my shoulder injury, you made sure I rested myself. You know how much this final season of wrestling means and you made sure that I wouldn't have any regrets when this season ended.

Through the heartbreak, through the injuries, and through the illnesses, you were right there by my side not only as a coach, but {also} as an amazing brother. I couldn’t have done this without you, and I owe my success to you. You showed me how to overcome obstacles and become successful. You have taught mw how to stay focused on what matters I had to go through. It is because of you that I know what true hard work is, what true dedication is, and what success feels like.

It is now January 16, 2015 and I feel like a different person than I was back in November. It is nearing the end of wrestling season and it sure has been tough. I have been sidelined with countless injuries but I fought through it. I have a record of 29-3, and expectations of me have been extremely high. My chances of making it down state, extremely high, and I sure hope I made you proud, Telly. I dedicate this entire wrestling season to you, and I do hope you know that.


* this is great; you should give him a copy

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