Having a job as a teenager

by Abraham Garcia

Having a job as a teenager is not rare. You always hear them talk about their jobs at McDonalds, Burger King, sometimes places like JC Penny, but how often do you hear about a senior in high school working as a computer technician in a hospital? During my junior year I learned about the opportunity to be a part of a non-profit organization that teaches professionals and computer skills to prepare you for a job in that field, and at first I didn't even understand how great of an opportunity it was. 

After hearing about this I did research and found out it was very competitive and I wasn’t the best with computers. This made me think twice about even applying. I began to think what’s the point of applying if I probably wasn’t going to get it, that is until I spoke with my sister about it. She previously had a paid internship at a museum so she had an understanding of what my situation was.

I told her how I wasn’t going to apply because I didn’t see the point. She didn’t let it go, constantly bugging me about it, telling me it won’t hurt to apply. I like to think that because of her I was able to achieve one of my most important accomplishments which will help me get farther in life than I would have ever been able to if I didn’t apply. 

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