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Dear Mother or “Mami”

by Montserrat Rojas

This is coming from the bottom of my heart.

Dear Mother or “Mami,” I know you will always be here and there for me. Sometimes your words, “speeches” push me and motivate me, even without you trying to.

I wouldn’t ask for any other person to take your place, in which you weren’t prepared to be 18 years ago. Just know you have done an excellent job, you still are. Everyone tells you, when they see me or know me.



by Josephine Opoku

Dear Kindergarting {kindergarten} and Middle School Bullies,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making me feel insecure about myself because I was overweight.

Your ridiculing harsh insulting words that made me go home and bury my face in my pillow and cry gave me the boost needed and the strength to be able to push myself to loose the weight and to become the fun-loving, confident girl I am today.


My older brother

by Eliseo Monarrez

I want to thank my older brother Victor because he’s always been motivated to do good things and to help me out with the tough choices I have to make. He always speaks his mind when I ask him legit questions about what I should study in college. When I felt like quitting, he motivated me to stay in school because it’s not easy to make a living with minimum wage. It use{d} to be so easy to talk to my brother about life, about my future, but now it’s harder because he doesn’t live at home with us anymore. So everything just piles up in my head. And it’s not the same texting or calling him as it is in person. But even though he comes over once in a while he tries his best to help me out. And he has because I have him my options on what I want to do in the future. Either go to college and study to be a mechanic for diesel trucks or join the army. My brother said both were good choices and so he said just choose one you would like and it will get {you} far and successful. This {is} why I speak my mind to my brother because he doesn’t judge on what I like. 

Dear Telly

by Richard Lucio Jr.

Dear Telly,

It is the evening of November of 2014 and it’s about to begin Christmas time, aka December. To any other ordinary person, this is the time that you go watch 25 days until Christmas on ABC Family or the time in which you go Christmas shopping before it gets too hectic. But to us, old man, to us it’s a time that means so much more than Christmas. This is the time when wrestling heads into full gear. And it means way more to me because it is my final year of wrestling. This will be my last shot at achieving greatness and will be the time where I have to cement my legacy. Maybe this year us really big to you too because you got to coach me in my last years. And man, has this final year of wrestling been stressful.


Having a job as a teenager

by Abraham Garcia

Having a job as a teenager is not rare. You always hear them talk about their jobs at McDonalds, Burger King, sometimes places like JC Penny, but how often do you hear about a senior in high school working as a computer technician in a hospital? During my junior year I learned about the opportunity to be a part of a non-profit organization that teaches professionals and computer skills to prepare you for a job in that field, and at first I didn't even understand how great of an opportunity it was. 


The Person Who Saved Me From Drowning, Raekwon

by Anesia Bolling

It’s not hard for me to know who is the most influential and helpful person I ever met was. For me, he was the first person I ever looked up to. I would always have contests with him just to prove to him that I was good enough, but I was always good enough for him. His name is Raekwon and he’s my cousin, older than me by a year. He basically helped raise me and teach me to be independent and never give up. I look up to him because he had his own struggle{s} dealing with two little brothers ad three little sisters, but he never forgot about me.