Pushed to the limit

by Abraham Garcia

Have you ever felt like you’ve been pushed to the limit? I personally have only felt that way two times in my life. The first time was probably the absolute worst time of my life. 

I’ve never been the aggressive type. I always try to avoid confrontation even if it means I end up getting hurt in one way or the other. So when I was blessed with a job right after I moved to the United States, I did whatever I had to do to make sure I was able to keep the job, even if it meant suffering through this Hell. All ways {always} being undermined, always being treated worse than the rats that run through this Hellhole. Having to wake up every morning and not knowing if I would come back and it’s not like I’m a police officer or anything dangerous like that. No, I work in a factory and I have these feelings.

Now I hear that they are going to cut our pay in half. Some thing has to change. People all around me start talking about this meeting they are going to, about this and how crazy it’s going to be. One guy seemed to like the idea a lot and even said he hoped the police came because he had something special for them, whatever that meant. 

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