Blue Eyes

by Anesia Bolling

I am from Europe. There was a big war there that threatened to turn nuclear, so many civilians were shipped to America for safety. I was only a {an} innocent five at the time so I have no clue what happen {happened} or who won, but I do remember my eighteen {year} old brother never came home. It’s been two years since then and we have been in America since. Today is the day before my birthday so my mother decided we should go shopping for my dress. 

The dress I chose was really pretty. It was royal blue with a scarlet red bow that wrapped around my waist. I had to greedily beg for my mother to let me wear the dress today, which she finally caved in and agreed to. As we walked home a big crowd caught my attention. They were chanting something I couldn't understand and held posters in a language I’ve never seen before. In this crowd I found amazement. They seemed like they were having fun but that wasn’t what caught m attention. A tall guy with blond hair and sky blue eyes did. It was my brother. I just knew it was him. So I pried my hand from my mother’s while she worriedly tried to hold me back, and I hastily ran into the crowd searching for those blue eyes I knew all too well. Being only seven I was very short and could only see legs. By now I had lost sight of my brother and mother. I looked towards the sky that gave me hope that my brother was alive and somewhere close. Then I noticed the police. I had gotten very far into the crowd and could now see the people across from them. All wearing badges and protective gear with long black sticks in hand. This terrified me but I had to find my brother. So I ran towards a random direction that led me out {of} the crowd and to a shop. Climbing unto a random set of crates I looked over all there {their} heads but couldn't see my mother or those blue eyes I was following, but I see something being thrown over everyone’s heads. I looked quickly at the thrower who turned and made eye contact and realized it was my brother. I screamed his name but stopped once I saw the bewilderment and terrified eyes on his face.

I only seen his face for two more seconds as he screamed, run {ran?} and then chaos awakened.  Screams of terror and anguish were everywhere. There was a fire covering stores and faces as it burned people from the skin through. I searched frantically for my mother but seen her nowhere and began to cry. Then I {a} warm hand grabbed mine and pulled me towards the alley across from the mayhem. People were yelling things but it was a language I couldn't understand. Once we got to the alley he went to the sewage drain and looked at me. He had short blond hair that looked like vanilla ice cream and blue eyes like the sky. He looked like my brother and the only words he said were, “Your brother said if anything happened to him to take care of you. Don’t fear. I won’t ever leave you.”

Turning around once more see many tears and a lot of pain. I see no love, no peace, which is what I thought America was. I abruptly turned and took off my new blue shoes that matched my dress. Then I followed the boy I never knew before into the underground of the city.

I was never seen again. 

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