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As a news manager

by Stephanie Zarate

As a news manager at {the} Tribune, I was shocked to be at direct view (front). So much depression yet a lot of enthusiasm. Much to point of but hard to explain, much of this has to do with politics and the city’s control as if “this city falls,” countless thoughts that lead to no conclusion and complete unfairness. The patrol begin to be popping out after due to a bomb that sadly no one could control or react to. We were just a pack of angry bees, buzzing around after our hive getting shook. Of course, I had to make a quick drastic reaction towards not getting hurt but as well no {not} being able to do anything. Feeling of a death yet still safe. So much fog and fright that harshly anyone was able to not stand with their mouths open, and the lack of motion that couldn’t bother be keep in the dark. Unlike everyone else I ran as fast as I could, to keep away from the buildings or cry horrible danger. 

It was 1886

by Victoria Rosillo

It was 1886, not exactly a typical Sunday, I was in a crowd surrounded by livid strangers shoving and shouting. I covered my ear, I new {knew} shouldn’t of {have} listened to Tobias. How could I had {have} let him drag {me} into this mess. Maybe it because of {his} charming good looks and pearly white teeth. 


Pushed to the limit

by Abraham Garcia

Have you ever felt like you’ve been pushed to the limit? I personally have only felt that way two times in my life. The first time was probably the absolute worst time of my life. 


Blue Eyes

by Anesia Bolling

I am from Europe. There was a big war there that threatened to turn nuclear, so many civilians were shipped to America for safety. I was only a {an} innocent five at the time so I have no clue what happen {happened} or who won, but I do remember my eighteen {year} old brother never came home. It’s been two years since then and we have been in America since. Today is the day before my birthday so my mother decided we should go shopping for my dress.