Independent young woman

by Vanessa Zamora

There’s this wonderful, strong, independent young woman you would be delighted to meet. Her name is Maria, she’s my mom. She has shared {with} me the values of life, she taught me how to not depend on others for anything, and to not let anyone mess up your life. Growing up I watched my mom struggle through an abundant {abundance} of situations, but somehow she manages to deal with it on her own. She has had the strength to raise my sister and I on our own and hasn't depended on anyone ever since.

She takes full responsibility for all her mistakes. She reminds me of a tiger for the fact that she’s fierce and strong. She would be able to handle any work that she gets and would have no problem doing it. Anytime something gets broken, my mom takes her time figuring out how to fix it on her own with no help from anybody. I believe my mom was raised this way because of how poorly her childhood was. She was always struggling in her life and that’s what made her so independent.

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