Great and independent

by Cynthia Vega

I'd like to tell you about how great and independent my grandmother is. On first glance, a stranger would see a beautiful, blond, very young looking elder woman. Normally people believe her to be in her late 40’s, but amazingly she is sixty-three. She loves to stay active and fit and also eating {eats} healthy. All of these contribute to her good health and great appearance. Although she is a very nice, old lady, she won’t take any kind of nonsense from no one {anyone}. Everyone that has met her just adore {adores} her and her personality. Everyone, however, will not get her mad, because getting her mad is possibly the worst thing you can do. Oddly enough though, she’s probably the greatest person you could meet.

What makes her so independent would be her life style. She has lived most of her life not depending on others. She doesn’t like to accept money or too much help from others. She has a great big house, a beautiful car and lives in a gorgeous neighborhood. She got all of that on her own. She’s very responsible and is all about saving up her money and spending it very wisely.

If you were to ask me about a good job for her, it'd probably be a coach for some sport. She’s strong, energetic, and very caring. I’ve seen her play nearly every sport and do fantastic at it. Even though she’s much older than I am, she can still leave me a million miles behind in race. Other than speed, she has great endurance. She too me to a track once and I could only run a quarter of a mile, while she ran 5 miles! Now, if you were to ask me a job she’d be horrible at, it’d probably {be} something behind a desk. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her calmly sitting down just writing. She needs to stay active, it's just who she is. So to have a job behind a desk she’d probably die of depression.

Another factor to her independence would be the fact that she raised six wild children all on her own. Each one of them weren’t {wasn’t} far {apart} in age. So her life was hectic. Those kids played a big role in making her the strong and independent woman she is today.

I think if she were an animal, she’d be strong, beautiful, fierce horse. She’d be able to take you where you need to go and always be loyal and trustworthy. She would be the most beautiful stallion running in a gorgeous open field. Last, but not least, she’d be very fierce when a challenge comes her way. She’d let nothing stand in her way.

She loves her family and all of her grandchildren. Her goals in life now is making the ones she loves to have better lives. She is crazy caring and to me, she’s my second mother. Nearly all of my life she was always there for anything I needed. Now I can rely on her for good supportive lectures on life, nut since she lives far, I can no longer physically see her. When she passes from this life she’ll probably be the most missed human ever. I love her to death and I think you'd love to meet her too.

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