My lovely aunt

by Jose Soto

Please allow me to introduce you to my lovely aunt, Marisela Valadez. I’m sure that at the moment you see her you would notice her well done hair andher elegant, classy way of dressing. She always has this powerful appearance that refkects her intelligence and success, yet looks harmless and loving as ever.

Believe me when I say she is a professional business woman. She is one of the heard leaders of the Tupperware business for a reason. Her words will fully convince you to purchase products from her, someway, somehow it will happen. She is so persuasive that I’m sure she can make anyone but Tupperware products from her.

I personally am fully frightened and wouldn’t dare go across the world and learn another language for two weeks or so, then come back as if nothing had happened. My aunt has been all over the world, like Paris, China, England and just about every state in the U.S. Although she is required to travel because she has to be present for her important business meetings, she has no problem doing this at all.

Even when my uncle passed away, my aunt did go through a hard time of sadness and grief, but she did not let it overcome her life. She knew that life went o and she had to b strong for her two sons and her daughter. That is why I believe she is her own role model, and in a few years she remarried.

Although my aunt is fiercely independent and can appear to be merciless, she is very loving and kind. If you ever need help, a favor, an emergency, she will be the first one there. It won’t matter if she’s halfway across the world, she will fly multiple places if she has to come see you in the hospital. However, if you ever borrow money from her, she expects you to pay her back. She gives many gifts, but she expects you to pay her back if you ever borrow money from her.

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