Call her Kris

by Jallene Pineda

I’d like you to meet my cousin-in-law Kristine Mina, but you can call her Kris. She prefers that. My cousin Tony and her got married 17 years ago and ever since then we’ve become really close. A while back Tony and Kris started having issues in their marriage. He decided to move out and leave her ad the baby. So, Kris basically raised a child on her own. Now she knows not to depend on people for everything.

You’re probably asking why she would have to go through this and I don’t blame you. She’s a caring, loving, good people person. She even helps out (donates money) other people, even if she’s having money issues. But I think I know why she does all these nice things. The reason is God. Kris always tells me to put people before myself. That’s why she would be a good teacher, teaching right from wrong. But one thing you might strongly dislike about her is that she rarely ever cooks. She’d be a horrible chef! Another thing you might dislike about Kris is that she has way too much patience, like a turtle. But other than that, she’s just an extraordinary Filipino, strong woman who doesn't need anyone to be by her to side to succeed in her life and her son’s. Experience is what made her this way.

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