My friend Diego

by Fabiola Perez

Let me tell you about my friend Diego. He is about average height, with a nice looking smile, he looks like me could be really mean because he always has a serious face and he is covered in tattoos. Like I said, you might think he is mean or maybe even that he is a bad person. But like that, and maybe even give you the impression that he is mean and grumpy, but in reality he is such a nice and kind person. He is really independent, He has had lots of problems with his parents and so he doesn’t really rely on them like he actually should.

His mom does drugs and is never home. His dad past {passed} away when he was about 6 from a heart attack. He says he doesn't remember much about him. Right now he currently has a stepdad who treats him like garbage. He has a younger sister who is never home as well and so that is why he really never has someone to talk to most of the time. At a point he started doing drugs, and got into the habit of drinking everyday. He fell into depression because he felt that no one was really there for him. Later on he stopped the bad habits that he was getting into and decided to get a job. He started working at a restaurant down in downtown. He was always such a good employee. He learns things quick, and does a nice job once he gets the hang of work. Diego always wants to figure out things on his own, since it has always been that way anyway. Diego has been through many things and he is still standing tall, not letting anything bring him down. He reminds me quite much like a tiger. Tigers are really independent and so is he.

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