My mom, Veronica

by Marlene Maya

I want you to meet my mom, Veronica. My mom is the type of person that carries herself with great poise and elegancy {elegance}. Besides being very friendly, she is very independent. About three years ago she was going through a divorce with my dad, and I did not once see her lose control of herself or my sibling and I. My mother has always been very independent with her work but when my dad was out of the picture she didn’t freak out or give up, instead she took control like the independent woman she is.

To start with she bought a condo on her own, so my siblings and I could live with her and she pays bills and does everything else that otherwise my dad would do. My mom is very independent and sometimes that can make people stay away from her because when they offer to help and she responds with, “I can do it myself,” people take t the wrong way and stay away from her.

My mom is very controlled and independent, but she is also friendly ad fin to be with. My mom loves to play jokes on people and when anyone she loves or is even in the same room with her has a problem she is the first one to try and solve it. If my mom could have a better job I think she would be good at being a nurse or social worker. My mom’s personality and way of being reminds me of a horses because just like her, horses have this way of carrying themselves with pride, and elegantincy {eloquence}. My mom is very strong, just like horses, and they both like to be around people. My mom stays strong by looking up and keeping her faith with God. She has always been very faithful with God because she says that when she was younger God helped her a lot. When my mother was younger she had to be independent because her parents expected much of her. She had to start working very young and keep up with schoolwork at once {all at once/the same time}.

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