My older brother

by Kathleen Martinez

Someone that I know that likes to be independent is my older brother. He usually is very bossy and very serious when he gives us things to do around the house. My brother is the tallest of us all. He is a very big person too. When we had to seek out someone to be the father figure, I think he knew that he had to step up. He’s been working since he was 15 years old and until now, 23 years old, he is still working at a hard work. In my opinion, if he would’ve {would have} had the chance to go to college and be a baker, he would be good for that. Or even a computer tech, since he is very good at fixing them and installing programs. I’m not sure that my brother would have a role model by any chance. An animal that I can see my brother as would be a bear, because of the fact that he works the night shifts, so I always see him sleeping during the day. It {he} reminds me of a bear hibernating during the wintertime. All in all, this is why I would consider him a very independent person.

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