My father, Roberto

by Karina Landeros

I’d like you to meet my father, Roberto. He’s a {an} average sized person with honey eyes and curly hair. He’s pretty light skinned, not that dark and he’s fit. I can tell you how he is a great independent person. My dad us very strong and independent because he has two jobs that he works, one of them full-time and the other part-time and he still manages to support our family and make time for us. One thing he’s hardworking in is supporting our family. We’re his all! His life back then and now has effected {affected} him tremendously. How? Because clearly his life was difficult before due to all the helping his parents out and working to help them. And he wouldn't get everything he wanted, but he did get at least some things. But now he’s being really successful and trying to give our family his all that he can possibly give. If it’s one thing my father is good at it’s being very sociable and fun. He loves meeting new people. He’s outgoing with my mother. My dad has a good job right now, but I think the perfect job for him would e as the people that fix airplanes or would build them because he’s a really hard worker and productive person when it comes to fixing things. So I know this would be a {an} amazing job for him! I believe a terrible job for him would be to be working as like in retail due to the fact that he doesn’t really like being in stores as much. Drives him nuts!

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