Successful woman

by Maria Gonzalez

I would ever want you to meet a very intelligent, independent, immensely glamorous young looking, successful woman. Her name is Beatriz, she is my extremely beautiful sister. There are a lot of ways how I can describe this outrageous woman. She is very independent, it shows how mature she is and how she looks out in life. I’m aware of how she understands people having to be passing through difficult situations.

Beatriz is a very successful young woman who stands up to herself. She decided to move out of the house and to start experimenting how a new life would be living alone in a new apartment and starting out a career. People think of her {as} such an anti-social (??) person, and pleasant to be around. She has a lot of opportunities in life and she has been offer {offered} more than 1 career to major {in}. Another way people think of her is the way she looks. She has this beautiful short, black hair, a beautiful smile that makes people smile too, a woman that men would like to marry.

As to her career, she works at a hospital working as a nurse helping people {in} trouble with their health.

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