Named Stone

by Yucan Feng

I would like you to meet this person from anime {?} named Stone. Stone is a very strong and independent guy. He’s an {a} stubborn guy, he will not give up on anything. He thinks he can achieve anything, no matter how far his goal is it, how difficult is it {it is}. Also, he don’t {doesn’t} need any of the help. He just kept moving to reach his goal, nothing can change his mind. His mind stronger and harder than a diamond. Even though he’s a stubborn person, but he’s a very friendly person, he can made {make} friends with anyone. Especially he loves animals so much. He’s an {a} very kind person and does no harm to another.

One thing that Stone do {does} is he sacrificed his hands to save his friend. His friend is in danger {dangerous} situation. There is a guy try to kill both of them. Stone use his hand to block the blade. Sadly he loose his both arm {?} but he thinks it is worth it to save his best friend in the world.

Stone’s father is a great hunter, he wants to be like his father. So I think the best job from {for} him is {to} be a hunter. The awful job for him is math teacher. He don’t {doesn't} know how to deal with the number {numbers}. If he is {an} animal he will be the bear. Stone is like a bear, strong and untouchable.

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