Riccardo Ramirez

by Maria Esquivel

I’ll {I’d} like to introduce you to Riccardo Ramirez. Riccardo and I have been knowing {known} each other for about two years now and I’m pretty sure you will think that he s determined and independent.

Ricardo is nineteen years old and attends to the American Academy of Art. He is a very tall person and stylish. You can usually always see him using apparel from American Eagle or Forever 21. Ricardo most of the time would be wearing at least one thing from the brand Adidas either from a backpack or shoes. Also, Bob, I happened to know that everything he has or owns he buys it with his money that from the sweatband on his head he gets by working on {in} a plastic factory. Ricardo has been working since he was in the 12th grade in high school. Therefore, he pays for his college tuition each year and for all his art supplies that he needs, he rarely asks his parents for many and when he does he makes sure to pay it back. Ricardo was working almost everyday in the summer saying money for his college since he is staying graphic design. One of his talents that he has is in soccer he is a good soccer player and from that I have known that his role model is David Beckman famous soccer player. In my opinion Bob Ricardo he is like that because at just his young age he is really mature compared to other teens at his age and he says he wants to be something good in life and be successful and not those person’s who opened on someone.

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