My grandfather, Javier

by Brian Cruz

I’d like to tell you about my grandfather, Javier. I tend to think that he’s a very strong person, even though his old age might sometimes contradicts this (his old age). The wrinkles on his face might speak of old stones but behind these old stories, lies strong morals. My grandfather enjoys wearing dress up clothes, every day he slips into his dress up pants and his dress up shirt. However, he isn't always this calmly dressed. My grandfather is a very dedicated worker. All of his life he has been a farmer. He only worked to support himself and his wife. Every day he spat sweat and did not stop till the end of the day. I think that for someone to work an entire day without pay and still call it “progress” is a real challenge and source of strength. My grandfather never liked working on a farm for no pay, but it was all he knew. He only wished that he had gotten the “free” education we receive. Some of his morals kicked in when my brother’s and I refused to go to school. He would always say, “Don’t take up the seat of another student that actually wants to be there.” That saying always stuck with me, even to this day.

My grandfather is mostly grumpy but he has his moments where he’s a bit nicer. The only time you could ever see my grandfather happy and talkative is when he drank. Other than that he’d have to be around his family to be fully happy. So now that you know about his typical moods would personally think that farming shouldn’t be his only occupation. I think a school janitor would best fit him. I say that because a janitor’s duty is to maintain the entire school and doesn’t involve communication. So you can honestly see that a social worker or a salesman wouldn’t best fit his area of comfort or expertise. My grandfather’s biggest inspiration his God, the lord Jesus Christ. He believes that Jesus worked really hard and sacrificed so much for us, and that’s what we should do as well. Sometimes I think that my grandfather will become a bull in the next life. I say that because bulls are extremely strong and willing. I think my grandfather is this way because he thinks that with hard work we can achieve anything.

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