My aunt Florela

by Lizzet Benitez

I want you to meet my aunt Florela. She’s a short, light skin {skinned} woman with a wonderful smile that warms your heart. Even though she’s always tired, she never shows it. My aunt is a strong, independent woman that would do anything for her family. Two years ago her husband lost his job. Ever since then he hasn’t bothered to look for another one. Although she is only working as a waitress my aunt has kept her family going. She’s carrying the entire world on her shoulders and she never complains.

For the past two years my aunt hasn’t bought herself clothes, because all her money goes to paying house bills, the phone bills, groceries, and even to car payments. I have no idea how she does it and never asks for help. My family has lectured her about sending her husband to work, but none of that ever stops her. No matter how much work she has, she always finds time to talk. My aunt is super friendly and always cares about people and their heath. I think my aunt should be a nurse because se loves people and caring for them. If you were to go to my aunt’s house you could find all the medicine and ointments you need. Any job that would keep her away from her children would devastate her. She needs a job that will give her time to be with her family. My grandmother has really influenced her and taught her how to be a strong, independent woman. If my aunt was to be an animal I think she would be a wolf because family always comes first to her. I really admire my aunt and I hope you can meet her and see how incredibly special she is.

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