My cousin Veronica

by Elyssa Barrera

I would like to tell you about my cousin Veronica. She is a very strong and independent young adult. I call her Vero for short, she s twenty years old and is a former dentist assistant. To me she is independent because right out of high school she kept on studying and has a stable job now.

Vero was the strongest when our Grandma had passed away. After my Grandma’s passing she was even more determined to finish school and get her own career. She is currently paying off her school loans by herself. I see that as pretty independent because she isn’t depending on her parents paying it off, she is doing it on her own.

With her being a dentist assistant {there} is a benefit for the family. If we want to know some things about our teeth she tells us if she knows. Vero does very well with others. She can be shy at times but I think that since she sees more people and interacts with them more, she'll break out of that shy shell. I don’t think any other job would fit her, being a dentist assistant is the job for her in my eyes.

Now I don’t think she has any role models that she has told me about. But I know Vero isn't the type of person to let someone bring her down. She is positive and doesn’t need someone by her side to help her. Vero is strong and independent all on her own. It surprises me that a twenty year old can be so mature. She always strives for what’s the best for her, which makes me see her as strong and independent.

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