About myself

by Pablo Alarcon

I would like to tell you about myself and how I am very independent. I want to describe myself before I tell you how I’m independent. I’m short, chubby and I have long eyelashes. The way you can distinguish me is by noticing my style. Like to wear casual pants with weird patterned shirts. I usually dress very casual when I go out even if it’s an important event, no matter what it is, I dress casual. I dress casual all the time because I hate dressing up, I find it uncomfortable.

Another way you can distinguish me is by noticing the guy that’s making conversation with anybody he sees. I compare myself to a dog or an anaconda (?) because I’m very easy to get along with and I could {can} be loving at times. I compare myself to an anaconda because I can easily make my way through things and go towards my objective. I’m the type of person that would seek out a person and take advantage of them for all they got. I do this because I learned that if you don’t talk to people and you don’t take advantage of them you won’t get far in life.

My role model in life is Tyler, the creator.

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