Introducing my father

by Andres Balladares

Introducing my father is practically {particularly} easy. His name is Jesus Balladares. The reason I chose my father us because the words to describe him is {are} fierce, independent, hard-working. Maintaining your own business while supporting an entire family is extremely difficult. Yet, my own father tyrannically does that on a daily basis. My father created his own trucking company called “La Familia Trucking,” also known as The Trucking Family. This is his own company created to be his own boss. Being independent means remotely being ordered around by himself, creating his own independent decisions.

My family is basically depending on my father’s company since he is the source of our success. People don’t really admire him since a lot of people we know don’t have their own company and have to listen to someone’s orders. Jealousy us a common thing towards my dad. Yet his pride and honor makes me respect him and honestly be proud of him for the things he’s accomplished for our family. My father is an honorable disciplined man that in any way possible will do anything to help someone else out.

Even though his personality is being independent and hard working I honestly believe that he would be the perfect lawyer. Always have to fight for there permission as what they believe in. Yet something my father would be terrible at would be a teacher. Having a company he’s learned to take his own orders and not wanting to wait for someone’s orders. He is impatient and to become a teacher you need patience.

The person my father looks up at is his own father in which {who} had built his own family to something from nothing. His dad never gave up and that’s what my father took upon his own father. The way I look at my father is a fierce lion since he is very powerful. People would see him as well as generous, a hard worker, and a dedicated independent person.

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