My grandmother or “Tita”

by Samantha Zavala

When I think of my grandmother or “Tita” like I call her, she is this strong women {woman}. She has been through so much. I was nine years old when it happened. She whent {went} to go visit a friend and told me to go with her so I did. It was early so she took me to eat at a little restaurant that I have know {known} since I was little. When we were done we made or {our} way to her friend’s house. She didn't have a car or know how to drive so we had to take the bus. 

We got to the friend’s house and we knocked and knocked. So we dicited {decided} to go back home. We where {were} at least 4 blocks away from home. We looked both ways and crossed the street. Out of nowhere a white car came speeding to {at} us. We tried to move but the car was to {too} fast. Tita had broken the window of the car with her head. She was on the floor {ground} and I ended up on the curb. Somehow I crawled over to her and I couldn’t breath so I layed {laid} on her stomic {stomach} till the ambulance and police {came}. Till this day I can hear her in pain.

Day 3 of the hospital day.

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