This man is wonderful

by Ariel Walk

This man is wonderful. His smile is a cold day in the ??. His laugh echo mine and mine echo his. He have the hands that strive for success and grabs his children when their {they’re} falling. Though he doesn’t look for anyone to grab him. He learned a long time ago to catch himself when the time comes to fall. Working hard so I can keep smiling surprisingly scary, keeps a smile upon his face. I can even feel the hard working sprite he carries as he kisses my forehead. Getting up every morning before I can, just to be a hard worker. As he walks down the streets of the Hyde Park neighborhoods, returning home, you can tell that he’s a hard worker. He doesn't walk with tiredness in his legs. No he walk{s} with independence in his boots and his children on his mind. That’s why I love my dad. 

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