I want to introduce you to my father

by Ashley Salgado

I want to introduce you to my father. He has been deceased since March 2009. He is {was} literally the most strongest, independent Hispanic I have ever known. He wasn’t the usually {usual} “everyday goes to work comes back to his family” type of father.

He was more like the street type of father. He was the type to hang out with the wrong crowd but he knew his limits. My father was indeed a gang member. I am not proud of what he did for {a} living but I am proud of what type of man he was. He would be out late, hustling to get money to feed us the following day. He was the type to get “fast, dirty money.” Again, I wasn’t proud of it but he at least put food on our plate{s}. He was the type to never ask for help. Money or mentally/emotionally wise. Having hum in my life for only 12 years taught me that in anything you do in life, do it with pride. Don't be ashamed of what you have to do to provide for your family. His strong mentality and strong demeanor is what I carried from him. And that, I do take pride in. 

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