A friend of my family

by Montserrat Rojas

I’m eagerly {eager} to talk to you about a friend of my family. I can sure say she was like “my grandmother.” Her age? You may ask, my big guess would be 78 years old. Before going on with such remarkable human being as her, I would point out she’s no longer here on earth. To those who met her she is and will be in our hearts.

Oh such {a} loving woman. She was beautiful. Religiously protective but strict, kind and caring. Always there for others. I know if she was here with us now, and you had the chance to meet her, you both would have run out of coffee o the way, both wouldn’t stop talking. Just thinking on now to describe her to you on this paper got my head busy, finding the right words.

Josefina Alvavado was her name. Mother of an army member and two nurses and a responsible accountist {accountant}. Good example of a mother. The things I admire about her is {are/were} the way she is very, very strict but that’s because she cares. Lovely and kind to always be there and help you. No matter what obstacle came across, she would go over it to keep going Her accomplishments…….

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