My father, Francisco

by Karina Rodriguez

I would like to introduce you to my father, Francisco. Many girls will say their role models are their moms, but for me it’s my dad. He’s been fired from two jobs just because he’s undocumented, yet he never gave up. He kept going just for his family. As I write about him, the first picture I get in my head is when he is back from work in {at} the kitchen table. It’s 8pm, his shirt is untucked, his boots are off, and eh is sitting there with drowsy eyes. Seeing my father like this every day made me realize I should try harder to get somewhere in life. My dad always tells me, “F*!# whoever doesn’t believe in you. You could do it!”

I never cared about school, it was all fun and games for me. That was until I got my first job. I would come back home with bruises, sore and a burn or two. My dad was disappointed, he said, “Continue not caring in school, and you’ll stay forever in McDonalds.”

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