A very special man

by Josephine Opoku

I am privileged to introduce you to a very special man who has made a great impact on my life and has also done so much for me. That man is no other than my father. My father us my biggest insperation {inspiration} for the way that although he came from a poor background he was able to build himself up to be what he is now. My father’s father didn't really push himself for his children to live a better life but my father changed that.

My father at a young age moved out of his parent’s house and decided to travel out of West Africa to go to France and make something o himself. So he saved up enough money to buy a plane ticket to go. He is very brave and courageous to be able to travel to a country where he did not know the language and did not have anyone he could rely on. When he got there life was so difficult for him. He dad to face many obstacles, from sleeping in a telephone booth, to sleeping in a truck with 5 other people. He didn't let his situation bring him down or make him give up. It only made him stronger and more determined. He walked and walked searching high and low for a job until finally he got one. It wasn’t a well paying job but he didn't care, only grateful that he got one……

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