My loving mother

by Yvette Novez

The wonderful person I’m going to write about is my loving mother. My mother isn’t like others, she has been through a lot when she was a kid. Yes, she had a kid at a very young age, but sadly the father didn't stay by her side, he was a drunky {drunkard?}. Thanks for {to} the help of my Grandma my mom got back up and found a job at a factory with my Tia (aunt). Time went past and she fell in love with my dad, even though my mom had a kid, my dad still wanted a life with her. That’s when my brother, myself and my little brother came to live.

Things started to get rocky. To the point where couples argue and comes to end up in court. My mom was upset with herself. She would tell me, “Always be wise, don't let anybody foul you.”

Yes, she was {would} cry because not only was my dad leaving my mom but he was living {leaving} his kids for another family.

Years went by. My mom looked stronger every time days went by. She didn't let the child support get to her. My mother also told me, because I was the only girl, that, “Don’t let {lose?} yourself. If someone is doing something don’t be scared, stand up for what’s right.”

Those words stood by me tell {till} this day. I see my mother suffer, I see my mother having a hard time getting to know the opposite sex. I knew she was scared to live alone or say end up alone, because for a fact we die alone. 

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