His name is Eliseo

by Eliseo Monervez Jr.

I’d like to introduce my father to you. His name is Eliseo just like me. My father is a strong, independent man who is optimistic and brave all the time. My father is a motivated man who gets things done when they’re suppose{d} to get done on time. He accomplished so many things in his life, it should be a book of accomplishments. He was only 16 years old when he came into this country. He was motivated to work to have a better future. 

He started working at a factory making beds, the company he worked for was KolKraft. It was hard work and dedication for him. He came into this country with nothing, now he has everything – a family, a house, cars. And all those things he worked hard for. At the age of 42, he had the house paid all off. And in 2005 he bought himself a brand new GMC Yukon by 2007 he had it all paid off. I was amazed because my dad work{s} long days to pay off everything. Another one of his accomplishments was that his kids (us) were to be fed everyday and he was pleased that we had a roof over our heads. That’s why me and my siblings {my siblings and I} thank our father every day. My father is my idol, he taught me how to be a man but not just a man, a very strong man. My father is exactly like my grandpa. He is the one who turned my dad into a man. If it wasn’t for him I’d think my dad would be a lot different. I wrote about my dad not because he is my father but because he is my hero. 

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