The biggest pain in the ass

by Vanessa Martinez

My dad is the biggest pain in the ass you will ever meet. He is stubborn, annoying, but he’s a hard worker. My dad went from dropping out of middle school to working with fast food and construction. All his life he was taught that if you want something bad you have to strive for it. All of the 14 kids that my grandma had, he was the only one to build there {their} house from ground up. Like literally my dad spent 5 years working and paying workers, coming up with ideas to build the house he wanted. Almost 4 years ago my dad was working one night and hurt himself at work. It was bad. He fell on his back. Being rushed to the hospital was a nightmare for him. He had back problems, broke his arm, got nerve damage and can’t feel his pinky. When my dad was told he couldn’t work, he literally cried. My dad took it easy, meanwhile he had a cast on he couldn’t do much but lay in bed but as soon as it was off, he went straight back to work. Meanwhile he healed up. My dad, they {is the} type of person to do anything he sets his mind to even if no one thinks he can’t {can} or doesn't believe in him. My dad is my hero. I wish I was more {as} determined a he is. 

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