My girlfriend

by Richard Lucio Jr.

I would like to introduce you to somebody who means so much to me and that would be my girlfriend. Her name is Daisy and she’s as beautiful as the flower itself. I met her over a year and a half ago and it’s been a lovely year and a half. She’s just so live {alive?} and jolly most of the time that it’s somewhat contagious. She always seems to have a smile on her face and quite frankly, she has the cutest laugh ever. You could say something that makes her laugh and with that, you would be laughing as well because of how contagious hers is. You can always have a good time with her. That’s hard to find nowadays. To find someone where every time you hang out with them, you just see to have a blast. Even if we’re stuck at home, we could just talk about anything and laugh over anything and I still would have the time of my life and would choose that over anything in the world. 

I look at her and just can’t be any more proud. For what has happened to her, what she has gone through, and for her to always keep that smile on her face and keep her head up, it’s just amazing. This is why she is the strongest girl (excluding mom and sister} I know. Like, I’ve experienced some of her hardships with her and I’ve witnessed how she has dealt with them. I admire how she handled all that, and she’s taught me a lot without even knowing it. I actually look up to her, and in a way she is my role model. 

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