Extremely high opinion

by Abraham Garcia

The person I have an extremely high opinion about would be my father. For a long time I didn’t realize everything he has done for me and my family but now that I am older, I now have an understanding of it Not once have we ever had a big problem when it comes to affording things and I don’t mean small things like toys or other non-essentials. I am talking about a roof over our heads, food so we don’t go hungry, heat so we don’t freeze. Work is a big reason why I respect my father. For a long time he didn't have much work but that didn't stop him. He always found a way. Last year around January when it was below 0-degrees, he was still out in the cold, freezing doing work on a roof of a ?? just so he could have money so we wouldn't freeze. Everything he does is not for himself it’s for us. 

About two years ago he became very sick and needed surgery. He couldn't walk for two months. At that time money was not something we had just laying {lying} around so we struggled a bit and for a long time I didn't know that he sold a lot of his own things just so we could live a comfortable life. We talked about what we could do during that time to help out with money. We have these savings accounts for college and the idea came up to use some of it to help out, he actually got mad at the idea. He said that was for our future and to not worry about it because he would figure it out and we never doubted him. 

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