My father Javier

by Razell Enciso

I want to introduce you to my father Javier. He is the strongest, most determined human I know. Mentally, the strongest person I know. 

Javier left school in the 5th or 6th grade to work. He worked for his own dad’s business in Mexico. Already having responsibilities at the age of 12 is a big enough thing. He worked in his rancho with pigs, cows, sheep and hen{s}.

He came to the U.S. at the age of 15. Started working at factories, making very little money. Worked hard for every little thing he owns. He went to school for truck driving. He’s been that for over 12 years. I admire him a lot, not only for how he’s come but for all the great influence he has in {on} me. A lot of my friends look up to me for who I am. But, I owe it all to the way my father raised me. He believed in “You earn what you want.” Meaning, I was never a spoiled kid. I earned everything that I have. Thanks to the man Dad was, because of him I am the person most admire. {??} He had it tough as a kid, being the only male child put him in a house with full responsibilities. I follow his footsteps as taking responsibilities at a young age. 

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