The strongest person I’ve met

by Jonathan Cerrantes

I would like to take 3 minutes of your time to tell you about the strongest person I’ve met. His story begins in Mexico, born the youngest of 11. He had no money for food and had to start working at an early age, 6 years old. His parents needed money for an operation his sister needed. Without thought at the age of 16 he decided to immigrate to the United States. It was a very long journey for him. I remember how he told me that one night he had to sleep in mud so that they would not spot him crossing the border. The good thing was that he already had family across, so it made it easier for him. He arrived at {in} California and stayed for about a week, then he traveled to Chicago. There was no time to waste. He stayed with an older brother that was living here already. And when he asked his brother is he could study for a year, the reply was “And who will feed you and pay the rent?”

There was nothing left to say and {he} began to work and send money back to Mexico for a year. The operation was done on his sister but known {knowing} he had to continue working because he didn't want his family to struggle, he got married at 30 years of age because he felt that he needed a stable job and home to provide for him family. He has 3 boys, well you can say they are men know {now} but the youngest almost didn't meet him. In 1996 the youngest boy, Jonathan, was born. At the same time this man was in a car crash. Driving on the expressway I-55, after work, one of his tires came off and the car was on three wheels. To top it off he was driving 75mph and the brakes didn't work because of the tire being ripped off. I am glade {glad} that nothing more than stitches were applied to this man. Also, I am glad that God gave me a change {chance} to meet this man because this man is my father, he is my idol. 

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