Hard working and productive people

by Will Ripes

There are many very hard working and productive people in my life but I feel that the best example of that would be my grandpa. My Grandpa is no longer with us today; he passed away about a year ago. In my view, he was very hard working in almost every area of his life. When he would do something it was done the correct way. He was very hardworking with his family, he was there for every single person in my family, and he gave everybody a lot of support every day.  

A good example of my grandpa’s impressive efforts is what he would do for his daughters. When one of my aunts was in high school she applied to a college she really wanted to go to and didn’t get in. The next day my grandpa drove four hours to the school, went and complained to the admissions people and eventually they accepted her. That is just one example of his impressive efforts. Another example is every time I would see my grandpa he would always ask about me and say if I need anything to just call him. He would always go above and beyond and be there for everybody. I feel that all of this took {had} a very positive impact on his life. It gave him an overall amazing reputation that will never be forgotten and many people loved him. He relates {related} to others in many ways, he would always be willing to do anything for somebody he loved, and that really showed how he cared about others and related towards them. I feel that a perfect job for him would be a therapist or physiatrist. I feel this job because he would always ask and talk to you; he also really seemed to care about everybody. I think that a terrible job for him would be like CEO of a big company that jist really wasn’t his style, and I could never see him doing that. I think that a change in lifestyle could really change his attitude towards work. I felt that he could’ve had many role models but a good one would’ve been Gandhi, the way he would help others and do anything for anyone. Those are just a couple of examples of how my grandpa was one of the most hardworking people I have met.  

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