My name is Will

by Will Ripes


My name is Will and I currently live in the city of Chicago in the year 2014. From what I understand you were the first person to live here in the city, and they’re bringing you here to the year 2014. I wanted to prepare you a little bit before, so your not {you’re} in complete shock.  

We’ll start with the buildings first. The present day City of Chicago has thousands of buildings and many very tall skyscrapers all over. Standing at the bottom of a skyscraper is very overwhelming. These buildings are thousands of feet tall and have many windows, they take months, sometimes years to build. The minute you enter this city you will be amazed with the amount of enormous buildings and skyscrapers. The next thing I want to prepare you about is the population of present day Chicago. Present Chicago is in some ways overpopulated, wherever you go you will find somebody walking outside. In some places there are lines (?) of people waiting for something or doing something else. Basically, there is {are} always many people up active and out and about in the city. From how I am describing this it may seem extremely shocking on the amount of people there is. What will really be shocking is the diversity of people. Many things have changed in the U.S.A. sine your time. Starting with civil rights, all the people you see in the city will be diverse and mixed races. It may seem shocking at first but in 2014 it’s completely normal. Something that you’ll notice about these diverse people I want to prepare you for. Right away when you see all of these different people your {you’re} going to notice all of the different clothing they’re wearing. Clothing has changed a lot from your time, people really care how they look and want to wear a certain style of clothing. You’ll be in shock because of all the different brands and styles of clothing you’ll see people wearing. Now, aside from all the different people and new styles of clothing there’s another thing you’ll notice and that’s the smell of the city. Many big cities present day are very polluted due to all the cars, and all of the different buildings so close to each other. Pollution is caused by the different exhaust fumes being put into the air. Really this is a horrible thing that humans are doing to the earth. Another thing that you may be wondering about is the business industry and economy. How all of these people are making money. Modern day businesses are hard to explain but many people work for a large company, most of the time that company provides some sort of product or service to people and that’s how they make money by selling it. That is just a very short and basic explanation of modern day businesses. The next thing I want to explain to you is what people do for food. Unlike you, modern day people don’t go out hunting for food. Chicago has a lot of grocerie {grocery} stores where people go and purchase food that has already been somewhat prepared for them. There are other options too, such as restaurants and markets, which are most of the time just food for one meal.

Aside from all the people and the different types of food, there’s another thing I want to tell you about. The city has a lot of different parks open to the public. These parks are just squares in the city where they let grass and trees, just basically a place where someone could get away and relax for a little bit. In my view parks are very peaceful and relaxing and do play a big role in the city. Now, aside form all those major things I prepared you for, your {you’re} going to want to know about what people do for entertainment in the city. There’s hundreds of things people do in the city for entertainment but I’m just going to describe a few. There’s {there are} many amazing modern day plays. Many people also go to concerts where they watch a person or group of people perform music that they created. Aside from those few things there’s many more forms of entertainment in the city. Now the last thing I want to tell you about is the transportation. People do many different things for transportation, mostly they use cars, which is just something you sit inside of and can control where to move quickly. Another way is trains, and buses. The city provides a very large train system and bus system both of which you have to pay for. Other than that there are many other ways people get around the city. Those are the really major things you’ll notice about the city, now there are millions of other things you’ll notice and it’s going to be very overwhelming. Overall, I hope my letter helps you and prepares you for Chicago in the year 2014.  

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