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My grandmother or “Tita”

by Samantha Zavala

When I think of my grandmother or “Tita” like I call her, she is this strong women {woman}. She has been through so much. I was nine years old when it happened. She whent {went} to go visit a friend and told me to go with her so I did. It was early so she took me to eat at a little restaurant that I have know {known} since I was little. When we were done we made or {our} way to her friend’s house. She didn't have a car or know how to drive so we had to take the bus. 


This man is wonderful

by Ariel Walk

This man is wonderful. His smile is a cold day in the ??. His laugh echo mine and mine echo his. He have the hands that strive for success and grabs his children when their {they’re} falling. Though he doesn’t look for anyone to grab him. He learned a long time ago to catch himself when the time comes to fall. Working hard so I can keep smiling surprisingly scary, keeps a smile upon his face. I can even feel the hard working sprite he carries as he kisses my forehead. Getting up every morning before I can, just to be a hard worker. As he walks down the streets of the Hyde Park neighborhoods, returning home, you can tell that he’s a hard worker. He doesn't walk with tiredness in his legs. No he walk{s} with independence in his boots and his children on his mind. That’s why I love my dad. 

My oldest brother Jorge

by Salvador Vargas

I would like to introduce my oldest brother Jorge. He was born in Mexico. He only had an education up to high school sophomore year in Mexico because that’s the only education that was available when he was growing up. He learned to work on farms/landscaping from my father and grandfather. Eventually he got a visa to come to the United States. Without knowing any English he quickly got a job at a company called “Valley Crest.” He spent several years working for the company. He eventually became a leader of the company. I remember him saying “one day I’ll but a house and have a nice car.” He accomplished it. I look up to him because not a lot of people can say they move{d} to a new country without much education ad eventually have a good job. He worked for it and he deserves it. 

I want to introduce you to my father

by Ashley Salgado

I want to introduce you to my father. He has been deceased since March 2009. He is {was} literally the most strongest, independent Hispanic I have ever known. He wasn’t the usually {usual} “everyday goes to work comes back to his family” type of father.


A friend of my family

by Montserrat Rojas

I’m eagerly {eager} to talk to you about a friend of my family. I can sure say she was like “my grandmother.” Her age? You may ask, my big guess would be 78 years old. Before going on with such remarkable human being as her, I would point out she’s no longer here on earth. To those who met her she is and will be in our hearts.


My father, Francisco

by Karina Rodriguez

I would like to introduce you to my father, Francisco. Many girls will say their role models are their moms, but for me it’s my dad. He’s been fired from two jobs just because he’s undocumented, yet he never gave up. He kept going just for his family. As I write about him, the first picture I get in my head is when he is back from work in {at} the kitchen table. It’s 8pm, his shirt is untucked, his boots are off, and eh is sitting there with drowsy eyes. Seeing my father like this every day made me realize I should try harder to get somewhere in life. My dad always tells me, “F*!# whoever doesn’t believe in you. You could do it!”


This person who is my dad

by Roberto Padillo

I’m going to tell you about this person who is my dad. When I see him I picture him working hard for his family. He has accomplished a lot even though he didn’t have the school background and he has always told us that when you work hard sooner or later it’s going to pay off. It was difficult because he knew how to speak little English and he still managed to find a job t support his family. He has a lot of commitment to his job because he is always aware of what’s going on. It’s surprising to see him like that because you wouldn’t expect that from someone that doesn't know how to speak a lot of English. 

A very special man

by Josephine Opoku

I am privileged to introduce you to a very special man who has made a great impact on my life and has also done so much for me. That man is no other than my father. My father us my biggest insperation {inspiration} for the way that although he came from a poor background he was able to build himself up to be what he is now. My father’s father didn't really push himself for his children to live a better life but my father changed that.


My loving mother

by Yvette Novez

The wonderful person I’m going to write about is my loving mother. My mother isn’t like others, she has been through a lot when she was a kid. Yes, she had a kid at a very young age, but sadly the father didn't stay by her side, he was a drunky {drunkard?}. Thanks for {to} the help of my Grandma my mom got back up and found a job at a factory with my Tia (aunt). Time went past and she fell in love with my dad, even though my mom had a kid, my dad still wanted a life with her. That’s when my brother, myself and my little brother came to live.


His name is Eliseo

by Eliseo Monervez Jr.

I’d like to introduce my father to you. His name is Eliseo just like me. My father is a strong, independent man who is optimistic and brave all the time. My father is a motivated man who gets things done when they’re suppose{d} to get done on time. He accomplished so many things in his life, it should be a book of accomplishments. He was only 16 years old when he came into this country. He was motivated to work to have a better future. 


The biggest pain in the ass

by Vanessa Martinez

My dad is the biggest pain in the ass you will ever meet. He is stubborn, annoying, but he’s a hard worker. My dad went from dropping out of middle school to working with fast food and construction. All his life he was taught that if you want something bad you have to strive for it. All of the 14 kids that my grandma had, he was the only one to build there {their} house from ground up. Like literally my dad spent 5 years working and paying workers, coming up with ideas to build the house he wanted. Almost 4 years ago my dad was working one night and hurt himself at work. It was bad. He fell on his back. Being rushed to the hospital was a nightmare for him. He had back problems, broke his arm, got nerve damage and can’t feel his pinky. When my dad was told he couldn’t work, he literally cried. My dad took it easy, meanwhile he had a cast on he couldn’t do much but lay in bed but as soon as it was off, he went straight back to work. Meanwhile he healed up. My dad, they {is the} type of person to do anything he sets his mind to even if no one thinks he can’t {can} or doesn't believe in him. My dad is my hero. I wish I was more {as} determined a he is. 

My brother

by Lidia Madrid

I wanted to talk to you about my brother. Maybe you might meet him one day. My brother was a former Marine. Or should I say, is a Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine. During combat he lost many of his friends. One of the many reasons he doesn’t talk about his time in duty. I realize my brother has grown from his experience. He’s persevered so much since he was 5 when he came to this country with our mom. He didn’t have much growing up, which explains why he’s working hard so my niece has everything. He went to school to be the first to go to college. He is my idol because I hope one day I can accomplish what he has. 

My girlfriend

by Richard Lucio Jr.

I would like to introduce you to somebody who means so much to me and that would be my girlfriend. Her name is Daisy and she’s as beautiful as the flower itself. I met her over a year and a half ago and it’s been a lovely year and a half. She’s just so live {alive?} and jolly most of the time that it’s somewhat contagious. She always seems to have a smile on her face and quite frankly, she has the cutest laugh ever. You could say something that makes her laugh and with that, you would be laughing as well because of how contagious hers is. You can always have a good time with her. That’s hard to find nowadays. To find someone where every time you hang out with them, you just see to have a blast. Even if we’re stuck at home, we could just talk about anything and laugh over anything and I still would have the time of my life and would choose that over anything in the world. 


Extremely high opinion

by Abraham Garcia

The person I have an extremely high opinion about would be my father. For a long time I didn’t realize everything he has done for me and my family but now that I am older, I now have an understanding of it Not once have we ever had a big problem when it comes to affording things and I don’t mean small things like toys or other non-essentials. I am talking about a roof over our heads, food so we don’t go hungry, heat so we don’t freeze. Work is a big reason why I respect my father. For a long time he didn't have much work but that didn't stop him. He always found a way. Last year around January when it was below 0-degrees, he was still out in the cold, freezing doing work on a roof of a ?? just so he could have money so we wouldn't freeze. Everything he does is not for himself it’s for us. 


I would like to introduce you

by Melissa Fiores

Hello, I would like to introduce you to my father. Before I do I ant you to get to know him from my perspective. My parents had me at an early age so my father of course had to look for a decent paying job because I was gong to be born in  few months. Since then he has been in and out of jobs Some times he had more than one job. I remember when he had three! I never noticed how hard he worked for his family until I got older. When I was younger I always wanted toys, I would through {throw} a fit if I didn’t get it but I now understand that iy will be better to get food on the table than get a new toy to play with. 

My father Javier

by Razell Enciso

I want to introduce you to my father Javier. He is the strongest, most determined human I know. Mentally, the strongest person I know. 


The strongest person I’ve met

by Jonathan Cerrantes

I would like to take 3 minutes of your time to tell you about the strongest person I’ve met. His story begins in Mexico, born the youngest of 11. He had no money for food and had to start working at an early age, 6 years old. His parents needed money for an operation his sister needed. Without thought at the age of 16 he decided to immigrate to the United States. It was a very long journey for him. I remember how he told me that one night he had to sleep in mud so that they would not spot him crossing the border. The good thing was that he already had family across, so it made it easier for him. He arrived at {in} California and stayed for about a week, then he traveled to Chicago. There was no time to waste. He stayed with an older brother that was living here already. And when he asked his brother is he could study for a year, the reply was “And who will feed you and pay the rent?”


Strong and independent

by Anesia Bolling

You asked me to talk about someone who was strong and independent. Yet I could not think of anyone of the sorts. Everyone I know depends on one another to survive. If one person were to disappear then it would cause chaos. No one in my family is independent, not even me. In my opinion no one is {independent} because even Martin Luther King depended on his people to stand by his side to get his point across. Strength is a different story. I really don't focus on those around me enough to know who is strong or not. So I couldn’t even begin to write about that. Even me, I look strong from time to time, but I am weak like the last leaf on a tree in the beginning of fall. I depend on others for food, education and to help me survive. So, I don't know what to do because to me independence is overrated. 

Hard working and productive people

by Will Ripes

There are many very hard working and productive people in my life but I feel that the best example of that would be my grandpa. My Grandpa is no longer with us today; he passed away about a year ago. In my view, he was very hard working in almost every area of his life. When he would do something it was done the correct way. He was very hardworking with his family, he was there for every single person in my family, and he gave everybody a lot of support every day.  


Independent young woman

by Vanessa Zamora

There’s this wonderful, strong, independent young woman you would be delighted to meet. Her name is Maria, she’s my mom. She has shared {with} me the values of life, she taught me how to not depend on others for anything, and to not let anyone mess up your life. Growing up I watched my mom struggle through an abundant {abundance} of situations, but somehow she manages to deal with it on her own. She has had the strength to raise my sister and I on our own and hasn't depended on anyone ever since.


Great and independent

by Cynthia Vega

I'd like to tell you about how great and independent my grandmother is. On first glance, a stranger would see a beautiful, blond, very young looking elder woman. Normally people believe her to be in her late 40’s, but amazingly she is sixty-three. She loves to stay active and fit and also eating {eats} healthy. All of these contribute to her good health and great appearance. Although she is a very nice, old lady, she won’t take any kind of nonsense from no one {anyone}. Everyone that has met her just adore {adores} her and her personality. Everyone, however, will not get her mad, because getting her mad is possibly the worst thing you can do. Oddly enough though, she’s probably the greatest person you could meet.


My lovely aunt

by Jose Soto

Please allow me to introduce you to my lovely aunt, Marisela Valadez. I’m sure that at the moment you see her you would notice her well done hair andher elegant, classy way of dressing. She always has this powerful appearance that refkects her intelligence and success, yet looks harmless and loving as ever.


Call her Kris

by Jallene Pineda

I’d like you to meet my cousin-in-law Kristine Mina, but you can call her Kris. She prefers that. My cousin Tony and her got married 17 years ago and ever since then we’ve become really close. A while back Tony and Kris started having issues in their marriage. He decided to move out and leave her ad the baby. So, Kris basically raised a child on her own. Now she knows not to depend on people for everything.


My friend Diego

by Fabiola Perez

Let me tell you about my friend Diego. He is about average height, with a nice looking smile, he looks like me could be really mean because he always has a serious face and he is covered in tattoos. Like I said, you might think he is mean or maybe even that he is a bad person. But like that, and maybe even give you the impression that he is mean and grumpy, but in reality he is such a nice and kind person. He is really independent, He has had lots of problems with his parents and so he doesn’t really rely on them like he actually should.


My father, Polo Ortega

by Jennifer Ortega

I want to introduce you to my father, Polo Ortega. He is a 60 year old man that’s {who’s} short but build {built}, loves to wear name brand clothing and bossing people around. My father hates to ask for help and works hard to have a life he believes he deserves with his many ex-wifes {wives} and children.


My mom, Veronica

by Marlene Maya

I want you to meet my mom, Veronica. My mom is the type of person that carries herself with great poise and elegancy {elegance}. Besides being very friendly, she is very independent. About three years ago she was going through a divorce with my dad, and I did not once see her lose control of herself or my sibling and I. My mother has always been very independent with her work but when my dad was out of the picture she didn’t freak out or give up, instead she took control like the independent woman she is.


My older brother

by Kathleen Martinez

Someone that I know that likes to be independent is my older brother. He usually is very bossy and very serious when he gives us things to do around the house. My brother is the tallest of us all. He is a very big person too. When we had to seek out someone to be the father figure, I think he knew that he had to step up. He’s been working since he was 15 years old and until now, 23 years old, he is still working at a hard work. In my opinion, if he would’ve {would have} had the chance to go to college and be a baker, he would be good for that. Or even a computer tech, since he is very good at fixing them and installing programs. I’m not sure that my brother would have a role model by any chance. An animal that I can see my brother as would be a bear, because of the fact that he works the night shifts, so I always see him sleeping during the day. It {he} reminds me of a bear hibernating during the wintertime. All in all, this is why I would consider him a very independent person.

My father, Roberto

by Karina Landeros

I’d like you to meet my father, Roberto. He’s a {an} average sized person with honey eyes and curly hair. He’s pretty light skinned, not that dark and he’s fit. I can tell you how he is a great independent person. My dad us very strong and independent because he has two jobs that he works, one of them full-time and the other part-time and he still manages to support our family and make time for us. One thing he’s hardworking in is supporting our family. We’re his all! His life back then and now has effected {affected} him tremendously. How? Because clearly his life was difficult before due to all the helping his parents out and working to help them. And he wouldn't get everything he wanted, but he did get at least some things. But now he’s being really successful and trying to give our family his all that he can possibly give. If it’s one thing my father is good at it’s being very sociable and fun. He loves meeting new people. He’s outgoing with my mother. My dad has a good job right now, but I think the perfect job for him would e as the people that fix airplanes or would build them because he’s a really hard worker and productive person when it comes to fixing things. So I know this would be a {an} amazing job for him! I believe a terrible job for him would be to be working as like in retail due to the fact that he doesn’t really like being in stores as much. Drives him nuts!

Successful woman

by Maria Gonzalez

I would ever want you to meet a very intelligent, independent, immensely glamorous young looking, successful woman. Her name is Beatriz, she is my extremely beautiful sister. There are a lot of ways how I can describe this outrageous woman. She is very independent, it shows how mature she is and how she looks out in life. I’m aware of how she understands people having to be passing through difficult situations.


My best friend

by J. Garcia

I’d like to introduce you to my best friend. She’s extremely nice, smart and beautiful. Her name is Katia Paola Reyes. She’s a strong beautiful, independent women {woman}. She’s tall, has really light brown hair, she’s stylish. She has chinky eyes. She can literally pass for an Asian Chinese person. When I first met her she was quiet and shy and she really wouldn’t say much, but now that I’ve known her for four years it’s an absolute honor to call Katia my best friend. She works and manages to have good grades. Katia is going to go far in life. She’s a really good person, but also a wonderful friend. Even though Katia can be tough sometimes she’s still my favorite. Her life is all balanced out. She’s truly one of a kind. Katia is extremely ambitious. I look up to her so much.

Named Stone

by Yucan Feng

I would like you to meet this person from anime {?} named Stone. Stone is a very strong and independent guy. He’s an {a} stubborn guy, he will not give up on anything. He thinks he can achieve anything, no matter how far his goal is it, how difficult is it {it is}. Also, he don’t {doesn’t} need any of the help. He just kept moving to reach his goal, nothing can change his mind. His mind stronger and harder than a diamond. Even though he’s a stubborn person, but he’s a very friendly person, he can made {make} friends with anyone. Especially he loves animals so much. He’s an {a} very kind person and does no harm to another.


Riccardo Ramirez

by Maria Esquivel

I’ll {I’d} like to introduce you to Riccardo Ramirez. Riccardo and I have been knowing {known} each other for about two years now and I’m pretty sure you will think that he s determined and independent.


My grandfather, Javier

by Brian Cruz

I’d like to tell you about my grandfather, Javier. I tend to think that he’s a very strong person, even though his old age might sometimes contradicts this (his old age). The wrinkles on his face might speak of old stones but behind these old stories, lies strong morals. My grandfather enjoys wearing dress up clothes, every day he slips into his dress up pants and his dress up shirt. However, he isn't always this calmly dressed. My grandfather is a very dedicated worker. All of his life he has been a farmer. He only worked to support himself and his wife. Every day he spat sweat and did not stop till the end of the day. I think that for someone to work an entire day without pay and still call it “progress” is a real challenge and source of strength. My grandfather never liked working on a farm for no pay, but it was all he knew. He only wished that he had gotten the “free” education we receive. Some of his morals kicked in when my brother’s and I refused to go to school. He would always say, “Don’t take up the seat of another student that actually wants to be there.” That saying always stuck with me, even to this day.


My aunt, Rita

by Celeste Castaneda

I’d like to introduce you to my aunt, Rita. She comes from a big family and she’s one of my dad’s older sister {sisters}. Since she was young he has been expected to help care for her siblings and as well as work to help maintain her family {family’s} stable {stability}. Her appearance is slim, tall and done brown, straight hair. She looks like a casual person.

In her mid-twenties she met her boyfriend, till this day I don’t bother asking her much about him. I don’t even know his name. They had an {a} baby upcoming in a couple of months. They were a happy couple who were both content yet unsure about the news. As the due date got closer, he lost his job therefore only left her with a stable job.

My father

by Michael Brodlo

I am going to tell you about someone in my life, my father. My father can be described sometimes as someone who will get on your case about everything but he’s not always like that. He was in the Navy for four years before I was born. He has told me some story {stories} about his time in the Navy and what he has done and what places of {in} the world he has been to. He has a job fixing appliances so he does a lot of work all over Chicago. I sometimes wondered why my dad’s the way he is and I’m pretty shar {sure} that it has to do with what happen {happened} to him as a kid and how he grew up. He is a good person and always looks out for his friends and family.

My aunt Florela

by Lizzet Benitez

I want you to meet my aunt Florela. She’s a short, light skin {skinned} woman with a wonderful smile that warms your heart. Even though she’s always tired, she never shows it. My aunt is a strong, independent woman that would do anything for her family. Two years ago her husband lost his job. Ever since then he hasn’t bothered to look for another one. Although she is only working as a waitress my aunt has kept her family going. She’s carrying the entire world on her shoulders and she never complains.


My cousin Veronica

by Elyssa Barrera

I would like to tell you about my cousin Veronica. She is a very strong and independent young adult. I call her Vero for short, she s twenty years old and is a former dentist assistant. To me she is independent because right out of high school she kept on studying and has a stable job now.


Introducing my father

by Andres Balladares

Introducing my father is practically {particularly} easy. His name is Jesus Balladares. The reason I chose my father us because the words to describe him is {are} fierce, independent, hard-working. Maintaining your own business while supporting an entire family is extremely difficult. Yet, my own father tyrannically does that on a daily basis. My father created his own trucking company called “La Familia Trucking,” also known as The Trucking Family. This is his own company created to be his own boss. Being independent means remotely being ordered around by himself, creating his own independent decisions.


About myself

by Pablo Alarcon

I would like to tell you about myself and how I am very independent. I want to describe myself before I tell you how I’m independent. I’m short, chubby and I have long eyelashes. The way you can distinguish me is by noticing my style. Like to wear casual pants with weird patterned shirts. I usually dress very casual when I go out even if it’s an important event, no matter what it is, I dress casual. I dress casual all the time because I hate dressing up, I find it uncomfortable.


Vovo Leah

by Tali Glesier

My Vovo Leah, which means grandma in Portuguese, was one of the most amazing people to walk the earth. She wasn’t just amazing to me because she was my grandmother; Leah was truly one o those rare people that had the ability to do great things. Leah was born and raised in Rio de Janero, Brazil; she grew up in a family that was always struggling, both personally and financially. She learned from an early age that education was the key to her dreams, and she also learned that she did not want to accept the typical role society had planned for women.



My name is Will

by Will Ripes


My name is Will and I currently live in the city of Chicago in the year 2014. From what I understand you were the first person to live here in the city, and they’re bringing you here to the year 2014. I wanted to prepare you a little bit before, so your not {you’re} in complete shock.