Dear Tommy

by Richard Lucio, Jr.

Dear Tommy,

I honestly don’t know how I’m getting through this. It is so tough in here. Sometimes I just sob myself to sleep. Everyday I witness a death, and afterwards I just want to gauge my eyes out. The sight of someone being killed and their screams of terror echo through my head. I hate it here so much! I just want to go home, Tommy. I miss you, I miss mom and dad. I miss petting Chino and watching him run around the yard. I just want to go home. 

I’m sorry for any complaining that I have ever done. I’m so sorry for blaming mom and dad for being poor and such. I was inconsiderate and selfish. I can't believe I ever complained. I never appreciated it. Please tell them I said sorry, just in case I never make it home. Because every night I dream of home. I never make it home. Because every night I dream the same way I dream of how life was, and it always ends the same way. I’m outside with Chino and I hear screams coming from inside. Then THEY come out with all of you’s. I try to ?? to go and save you and mom and dad but for some reason a force is preventing me. And all I can do is just stand there and watch all of you’s get…..killed. There’s days I don't even go to sleep because I don't wanna have this nightmare anymore.

This camp has made me appreciate home more. It’s made me extremely thankful for the family that I have. If we were desperately poor, than this camp is Hell itself. I truly hope I can escape this death hole. Pray for me, brother. I need all the strength I can get.

Be grateful of everything, Tommy. Enjoy your time with our parents and our pup. Cherish everything that you got and all the freedom you have, I’m sorry your big brother isn't there for you… I love you sport.


With Care,


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