Dear Bob

by Jonathan Cervantes

Dear Bob,

My name is Owen and I am a medical school student. I had sweet dreams of becoming a doctor and helping people with there {their} sickness. Forming a family and living in {on} the coast. Travelling the world and maybe even discovering a new place, but like I said, it’s just a dream. Instead of being on the coast or travelling Europe or ??? on the Bahamas I am trapped on {in} this camp. 

If this was a prison I would gladly live here but it’s not, it’s a death sentence. Day after day you awaken by a heart bursting alarm and a high, heavy, yellow light smacking your face. There is {are} no clocks so you don’t know what time it is. We can only tell time by using the sun when there is any. So many people die each day because of the hunger. People kill one another so that they can get each other{‘s} plate{s}. I, myself, had to use my medical knowledge to poison some prisoners for there {their} food or clothes. You might say that I am going to burn in Hell because of this, I say if there is a “Hell” I’m already in it.


Your friend,



P.S. Be careful I heard they're going out fishing west for younger fish that cab keep this camp running. 

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