Dear Wrigley Field

by Osbaldo Jiminez

What an astonishing place you have become. It had to keep track but look at you still standing strong and tall after hundreds of years. Your eye catching green marsh that staggers all around you. Your green wall has been game changers depending on if a ball gets trapped in there or not. Your wonderful smells make my nose water. That is if my nose had a mouth. I’m standing next to you and I close my eyes. I take a whiff of the air and simply think this is what baseball smells like.

As I’m watching you I get this feeling. A feeling that I am reliving history and let me tell you it’s an amazing feeling, standing on the grounds where all the time legends have once stood themselves. How does it feel being recognized as one of baseball’s most famous fields? I bet it feels good, doesn’t it? As I open up my ears, you give me sounds that I wouldn’t be able to hear anywhere else. I hear people having their constant conversations about life, a man in a uniform yelling, “GET YOUR HOTDOGS AND PEANUTS!”

Then hearing the crowd coming together and chanting, “GO CUBS GO!”

Knowing that our home team had had a victory. Even if our home team doesn’t come up with a victory, having people from all over come together with the same thought on their minds, “The Chicago Cubs are going to win today.”

Wrigley, you have given me memories that no other place can remake and I find that really impressive so I thank you for that. As the years go by I can notice that you are changing. I can tell that you have had paint jobs done. You have had new seating. There’s a gigantic screen in the field. Some people agree or disagree on these changes but I don’t mind you are still the same to me Wrigley. Thank you for all you have done. Best wishes.

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